Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using Roland PG-1000 as a Midi Controller

Processor hack for Roland PG-1000 Controller:

from an Ebay Auction of someone (not me- mind you) selling the chip preloaded:
Turn your PG-1000 into a MIDI fader controller "At the heart of the PG-1000 there's a chip with an OS custom made by Roland to only control the D-50 or D-550 synthesizer via Sysex. By exchanging this eprom chip with the original roland chip you'd be able to turn your PG-1000 into a MIDI fader box capable of sending 127 MIDI continuous controller messages on any of its faders. This will allow you to control other synths in your collection and also computer base soft synths. No soldering needed. Just pop the roland chip out of its socket and pop this one in instead. You can have up to 64 saved configurations inside the chip. That covers most people's needs (unless you have over 64 synths in your collection)"

Or one could just buy a BCR-2000 for $95-$120. Nice if you already have the PG1000 and want to change its' function for other gear.

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